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A Bumblebee

He handed me a Bumblebee
little loves with chewy wings
so flappy, it flew backwardly
the bummest of the bumblebees

He gave to me a Bumblebee
Germ Free! he said, screamingly
a beastly, lovey forgery:
his me, his mine, his everything

He pushed at me a Bumblebee
with zombie fingers, clumsily
his banshee weeping in my hair
drowned out the safety calls for me

He threw at me a Bumblebee
all emotions on his sleeve
a furry fury easily
dunked in sweet apologies

He threatened me with Bumblebee
Oh me! he wailed, You are too pretty!
and pressed the dirty Bumblebee
fast down my veiny arm with a
practiced form of archery
—a twang, it shook, I shook, the bee
crawled like toffee woozily somewhere in my cavities

His Bumblebee, my Bumblebee,
dancing its own jamboree
confetti splashing down on me
filling bullet holes that bleed

He shook at me a Bumblebee
dead-on hit my modesty
meaty hands coaxed out a genie
that was me, a crybaby

His fingers touched the Bumblebee
in me, that bee, that sinful bee
turned me to someone blameworthy
for ripping out that Bumblebee

I told them all of Bumblebee
stir-crazy, my hands in-between
convenient to disbelieve
until now, when I set it free.